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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place.  

If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

Suggestion for Advertisers : If you can, please send photos as attachments rather than embedded in your email.  The latter will arrive as 100k images which is not too much above a thumbnail.  We love attachments of 2000k each as it allows us to crop and otherwise adjust images to improve the advert.  We do appreciate that this is not always possible.
Boat adverts last modified 16th May 2024

  For Sale

SL Lady Paula

22nd April 2024

Lady Paula is reluctantly for sale. During the 5 years of renovation all the original  mechanical parts have ben replaced apart from the prop-shaft and stern tube. She is now complete and ready to be launched but circumstances and age necessitates the sale.

Hull - Frolic 18 built 1987. GRP hull, fitted out in solid mahogany, all varnish work in good order.

Boiler - Monotube design fired by a Riello burner running paraffin. Electronic control system maintains pressure at around 150 PSI   There is quite a detailed article on this boiler in the latest issue of The Funnel (#196) page 52-55.

Engine - Steam/electric hybrid, Triple Expansion 1¾ + 3 + 4½ X 3  Piston valves on HP & IP, slide valve on LP. Stevenson reversing gear. The exhaust is fed through a separator and condenser  to a scavenge pump and discharged overboard. 

Extensive use of aluminium results in light weight. Sealed ball races are used throughout so engine remains clean, a large catch tank collects all oil/water from valves during warm-up so bilges remain clean and dry. Drip trays collect any leakage from glands This engine has been under development for the last 5 years and now runs well off load. Some adjustment to the valve timing will be required to make efficient running when loaded.

2 X 1Kw 48V DC motors are also available coupled to the prop shaft,  running from 4 X 12V leisure batteries. There is a system of clutches to enable the motors to slowly rotate the steam engine during warm-up which is very useful.

Propeller - Bronze, 3 blades, Left Hand, 14" X 20", Shaft: 7/8" 316. 1:2 step-up drive from engine as there is no room for larger prop.

The canopy is supported by an aluminium tube frame which fits into sockets with quick release fittings, the funnel is also easily removable for storage.

Trailer, new 2017 designed for the hull with break-back draw bar, winch and rollers for easy launch and recovery.

Price: £15,000 but sensible offers will be considered.
Located at Farnham Surrey.
Contact: Tony Anderson
Phone: 07866059627
Email: anderson dot a at sky dot com

For Sale

Céomé - 29’ 6” classic steam canoe

17th March 2024

The SBA’s Mike Bell, with great regret, needs to sell his 1921-built 29’ 6” steam canoe

When we talk about a ‘canoe’ in the context of ‘Céomé, we should visualise an extremely elegant steam launch of very fine lines, a vision in mahogany varnished with no fewer than ten coasts of tung oil, built in the classical canoe style found on English lakes and the river Thames in the first thirty years of the 20thCentury. She is registered with the Thames Vintage Boat Club.

Céomé is very nearly complete, and her purchaser will receive the fully restored and finished canoe-style hull, a substantial brand-new steam plant consisting of a loco-type coal fired boiler with side firing and a purpose built triple expansion engine on a new trailer.

The hull restoration has been completed to a very high professional standard and this serious dream boat only awaits detail completion and commissioning.

HULL: Built 1921 by Hobbs & Son at Henley-on-Thames. LOA: 29' 6", Beam: 4' 6", Draft: 2' 6". Double-skin mahogany, canoe bow and stern and extensively varnished. She has a varnished boiler housing and a removable engine lantern as well as a canvas canopy with side curtain. She seats eight, and. as it has to be with a large canoe, steering is by wheel.

There is no canvas boat cover provided as Ceome has always lived in a dry shed.

ENGINE: Triple expansion 2½" + 3½" + 5" x 3" from an original design by Gordon Cheape. This is the prototype completed by Sam Wilkinson and Hugh Mothersole: a very handsome and compact engine with radial valve gear.

BOILER:Classic side-fired locomotive type launch boiler built 1999 by well known boiler makers Franklin & Bell of Gloucester. complete with twin sight glasses and all valves

Water Pump: Southworth horizontal duplex.

PROP: 3 blades, 16" x 30". With a Schilling rudder

TRAILER: The boat is fully trailable and the galvanised twin axle trailer is new.

HISTORY:  Céoméwas originally fitted in 1921 with a petrol engine and Kitchen rudder for reversing. She was acquired by Oliver Cock in 1976 who fitted a steam plant. She was first steamed in 1980 and in 1993 was acquired by Wolff Zeuner, one of the most colourful of past SBA members, who fitted an ST 6A and Anthony Bever copper water tube boiler. She was subsequently bought by Hugh Mothersole who commissioned a very complete professional keel-upwards restoration in 2004 which took many years but saw the hull delivered in 2017 before sale to Mike Bell for completion.

Mike would ideally like to sell Céomé for £20.000 as a complete project but is prepared to sell hull and steam plant separately, in which case he is looking for £10,00 for boat and trailer and £10,000 for Engine and boiler.

It would be a great shame to split this wonderful hull from this superb steam plant which would suit her perfectly,’ says Mike, ‘But I have to be practical and am looking for a future owner who would capture the vision I and all the SBA owners before me, have shared. I am very sorry not to be in a position to bring it to fruition myself.’

All enquiries to:

Mike Bell

01934 832518

mikelizbell at btinternet dot com

 For Sale

SL Persephone

10th February 2024

Wash Kohnke’s exquisite ‘Persephone II’ is an open or canopy launch fitted to a standard beyond the norm. Her Selway Fisher designed strip plank hull (28’ Corn Bunting) was built by the owner of 18mm Honduras Mahogany and has a custom Sunbrella storage and road cover. (See more in the Overseas Boats advertisements).

 For Sale

SL Grebe

17th January 2024

Grebe is a historic steam launch that has been owned by the Tullett family since 2000.


c1907 by Borwicks of Windermere

Carvel mahogany on Oak


Length overall 22 ft, beam 5ft

Straight stem

Transom stern

Basketwork seat backs

Wheel steering


Langley Engineering 1989 two-cylinder compound – fitted early 1990’s

(Originally had a petrol engine – various local owners put her to steam post WW2, then back to petrol, C1984 returned to steam, then paraffin fired boiler before current)

Re-tubed in 2004 & 2019

Pressure tested and inspected every 14 months


Langley Engineering 1989 fire tube Kingdon design

Coal fired

Brass funnel

Windermere kettle


4-wheel trailer included (in good condition)

Prop: 3 blade 15” x 18”

Bespoke cushions included

Apart from a brief period on Ullswater & a further period on Lancaster canal Grebe has always been afloat on Windermere and is regularly out.

Whilst briefly off the water in 2023 Grebe had a few minor hull repairs, fresh antifouling applied and inspection by the Marine Surveyor for insurance purposes – all good.

The Surveyor suggested £19k was a fair price for the craft.

Grebe takes approx. 50 minutes to achieve the required pressure for departure.

Any prospective purchaser is welcome to join us for a demonstration & trip…

Kim Tullett

Nigel Tullett - 07773 040 248

 For Sale

SL Dalmore

14th January 2024

After over 10 enjoyable years of owning and running SL Dalmore we feel this is time to pass her to new owners.

SL Dalmore has a long and varied history, starting in 1906 on the Thames named PUNCH. It is believed she remained on the Thames until being rebuilt in Norwich during the 1950’s when named SILVER HERON sailing on the Norfolk Broads. The hull was fitted with an internal combustion engine probably at this time. She then came North to Scotland in the 1980’s to sail alongside LADY ROWENA on Loch Awe. Unfortunately during this period she sank and became derelict. Acquired in 1994 by the late Bob Smith, rebuilt, and a historic steam plant fitted between 1997-99. She was first steamed during August 1998, the engine believed formerly to be in a launch named MAY, the boiler by Merryweather built in 1944 but had never been steamed. In 2012 she was acquired by the current owners, who have continued to sail her regularly on Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond and occasionally on Windermere. 

In her current ownership, Dalmore has been maintained to a very high standard. Whilst some modern upgrades have been carried out, these have been sympathetically incorporated while maintaining her Edwardian charm.

Dalmore comes fully equipped with removable electric outboard motor, drive batteries, echo sounder, navigation lights, fore and aft anchors and is currently in a ready to sail condition. The current boiler certificate expires in August 2024.

The sale includes a bespoke built RM tandem axle trailer.

Also included are all spare parts, tools and sundries associated with the boat and trailer.

Dalmore on her trailer weighs in at 3500kg and is therefore trailable without any special considerations.

More information and pictures can be viewed on the SBA Register.

Open to offers in the region of £40k

Contact Scott or Ken

Phone:- 07880315206 or 07711422417

Email: KenJHenderson at gmail dot com

 For Sale

Potential Yacht's Tender

6th December 2023

Are you looking for a tender to go with your yacht?  Do you want something that stands out from the crowd?  Then Redoubt is possibly the boat for you.  She is a former Russian Navy steam picket boat of 40ft length, though currently fitted with a diesel engine.  The rivetted hull is in good condition and was originally built in Finland in about 1890.  She is in a drive away condition though currently located in Germany.

Full details to be found in the Overseas section of the Small Ads.

 For Sale

SL Thunderchild (Frolic 21)

14th November 2023

'Thunderchild' is a Frolic 21-foot Steam Launch. Built by The Steam and Electric Launch Company, Loddon, Norfolk. She has a black GRP counter stern hull with wheel and tiller steering. She has a canopy and teak decking and has  seating capacity for 8 passengers. Power is supplied from a coal fired Langley Engineering Kingdom type VFT boiler to a Stuart Turner 6A compound engine built by Porter Engineering.

   Comes complete with seat cushions, canvas side covers and a road transport trailer. See the Steam Boat Register for all details.

She was in full working order until unfortunately she had to be put into storage due to my late father's ill health.

A very worthwhile project that will need recommissioning having sat for a few years.

Available to view by appointment (in Essex)


£12,000 (open to sensible offers)


Contact Stuart Nightingale

01245 450953 after 6pm please.

 For Sale

Former passenger launch Britannia

8th October 2023

Britannia was built by Salters steamers of Oxford for use on the river at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1906, she has been in the same ownership for 117 years. The black and white photo's were all taken outside our boathouse in various stages in her career.


'Britannia' was commissioned by Albert Rose in 1906 from Salters Steamers of Oxford and built to be narrow enough to bring up through the canals to Stratford-upon-Avon. She has been operated as a passenger vessel all of her life, with a licence to carry 36 passengers, although she once carried 43. She was withdrawn from service in 2010 and has been in store for the last 13 years. The boat was retired by the MCA as the shell plating was determined to be too thin, (generally 3.5mm, with a range of 4.2mm to 2.9mm, the ultrasonic report is available).

42ft long by 7ft beam by 1ft 8in draft shallow round bilged hull with vertical stem and semi-circular stern, built of flush riveted steel. The hull is open and divided into three compartments by plate steel bulkheads. A corroded sheer was cut away in 1989 and a new continuous strip approximately 110mm deep welded all round the hull. Varnished teak decks, bulwarks and seats. The boat has a 10ft 4in long forward compartment followed by a very large 7ft 6in long engine bay which contained her original steam engine and boiler. The aft compartment is 16ft 3in long. The fore and aft compartments have bench seating all around. She is currently powered by a BMC 1500 diesel engine, still fitted. The boat has a full length canvas canopy on a steel tube clamp framework. The boat may require some work, including servicing and re-commissioning the engine, depending on the use you may wish to put her to. We believe that we have most he parts to complete the vessel, but there may be some items that are lost or missing.

We have been loathe to dispose of her because of our history with the boat, and had hoped we would find a use for her, perhaps as a 12 seat small passenger boat. We have now decided we should look for a new home for the vessel with someone who can use her.

Contact: Nick Birch or Ed Rose at Avon Boating Ltd in Stratford-upon-Avon for further details on

Phone: 07779008390 or nick dot b at avon-boating dot co dot uk

The boat is not at our boathouse but in storage, available to view by appointment.

We are open to very reasonable offers.

  For Sale

SL Snipe

11th June 2023

Snipe is an unusual but classically styled launch and was  winner of Pods Pot and Committee Trophies 2022.


Canoe. Construction: Marine plywood on wood frames. Hull designed by owner at Hampton in 2020
Built 2020 by owner at Hampton. Fit out 2020 by owner at Hampton.

LOA: 17' 0", LWL: 16' 10", Beam: 3' 3", Draft: 1' 4", Displacement: 176 lbs (80kg).
Hull weight less plant 50kg.


Monotube Designed by John Emmett,
Built 2020 by John Emmett at Hampton-on-Thames.
Fuel: Wood briquettes, Pressure: 80 psi, Grate area: 0.8 sqft, Heating area: 4 sqft, Output: 30 lbs/hr,
50ft total X 5/16" dia Cunifer tubes. Zintec casing construction,
non-condensing, hand pump, electric feed pump, whistle, in unit with engine. Excess water operation with 1 1/2 inch square steel separator/header.

Plant quickly removable from hull. 30kg total plant weight.

Boiler cert until 2026.


Single, double acting. 1 1/2" X 1 5/8"
Built 2019 by Owner at Hampton
Design: 4 columns by: 0wner
D valve valve. Slip eccentric valve gear.
Power: 1/3 HP
Electric flywheel. Engine weight 12kg.


Brass, 2 blades, Right Hand, 12" X 12"
Shaft: 1/2" 316 Stainless Steel


The story of the creation of Snipe is reported in the Mono-Tubes website.

Complete with trailer and waterproof cover

Price: £4,000.

Email: je at bpr dot org dot uk

   For Sale

15’ Steam Launch

7th December 2022

A non-member has written to us asking if we can help sell his Dad’s steamboat. The hull is no 9 of the 'Limited Edition' Gibbs & Thurston 15’ x 5’ fantail GRP hull fitted out in mahogany to a high standard. It’s very nicely finished in Burgundy with a ‘Regatta’ single cylinder engine and a Blackstaffe-style boiler which appears to be coal fired, with high-quality fittings. The boat sits on a single-single axle trailer and is based in the North West, has been carefully dry-stored and has not been steamed for some years.

The seller, Chris Lucketti, says it’s ‘immaculate’ and the pictures bear that out.

Chris wishes to sell her for £12,500

Contact 07984 585043

For Sale (Price reduction)


15th July 2022

Regrettably, due to ill health, John Whittaker is selling his legendary steam cabin launch  ‘Moondance’.

He is open to offers in the region £42K

For lots more information, including videos, go to ‘Moondance’ is extremely reliable, well-travelled and a greatperformer, fitted with a large Taylor single and a vertical firetube boiler.  Full details of her steam plant and equipment can be found under 'Technical' in the Steamboat Register entry here:

Contact Email: