The Steamboat Association
of Great Britain

to foster and encourage steam boating and the building, development, preservation and restoration of steam boats and steam machinery

to stimulate public interest
in steam boats
and steam boating

to promote high standards
of workmanship,
safety and seamanship







The Steamboating Forum

Yahoo! Groups: Steamboats

Yahoo! Groups: Steamboating

Steamboat Blogs

DB Min Deern (D)

Midship (F)

Pascal (F)






SL Consuta

ST Daniel Adamson

SL Elegance

SL Elpenor

SN Emily Anne

SS Explorer

SY Gondola

SY Gondola

ST Hasty

SB Ictus

ST Kerne

PS Kingswear Castle

FV Lydia Eva

PS Maid of the Loch

PS Medway Queen Preservation Society

PS Medway Queen

SL Merganser

SL Merlin

ST Portwey

SN President

HSL Puffin

SL Ragtime

SS Robin

SL Saumarez V

SL Senta

SLShamrock Trust

SS Shieldhall

PS Sir Walter Scott

SL Talisker




PS Waverley

PS Waverley (unofficial)

SL Woodbine

Clyde Puffer Page

Clyde Puffers

T.R.S. Specialist Welding

Great Northern Steam Co. Ltd.

Henwood & Dean

Light Steam and Power

Selway Fisher Designs

The Traditional Boat Shop

Windermere Steamboat Museum

Elliott Bay Triple Engine

SY Ena (Aus)

Murray River Paddle Boats (Aus)

Wilfried Vermeiren's Compound (Be)

ST Master (Can)

SL Phoebe (Can)

SS Pumper (Can)

SL Étoile Arcture (CH)

SL Isle of Jura (CH)

PS Liberty Belle (CH)

DB Steamchen (CH)

SL St Urs (CH) DB Valhalla (CH)

Balson AG (CH)

DF Calypso (D)

DB Emma - Rainer Radow (D)

DS Lagavulin (D)

SL Lagom (D)

DB Petit Four (D)

SS La Palma (E)

Oriane (F)

SL Silencio (F)

SL Suzanne (F)

SL Lalli & SL Ossi (Fi)

Bjorklund Steam (Fi)

SS Nyanza (Ke)

HMS Elfin (NL)

SL Ilse Louise (NL)

SL Isabella (NL)

SL Phoenix (NL)

SL Orion and SL Orion II (NL)

PS Skibladner (N)

SS Eliza Hobson (NZ)

ST Alwyn Vintcent (RSA)

SS Ejdern (S)

SS Elfdalen (S)

SS Osta (S)

B2 Ånga (S)

SS Sankt Erik

Fredda Steel (S)

SL A Boy's Will (USA)

SL Adelaide (USA)

SL African Queen (USA)

SL Artemis (USA)

SL Aurora Borealis (USA)

ST Baltimore (USA)

SL Captain Bell (USA)

SB Delta Queen (USA)

SL Katie Ann Too (USA) YouTube

SL Lady Anne (USA)

SB Minnehaha (USA)

SC No Rush (USA)

SL Norman D (USA)

SL Oly (USA)

SL Otter (USA)

SL Pegasus (USA)

Spirit of Peoria (USA)

ArtfulBodger (USA)

Beckmann Boatshop (USA)

Devlin Boat Co (USA)

Elliott Bay Steam Launches (USA)

Mosquito Enterprises (USA)

Pearl Engine Company (USA)

Rappahannock Boatworks & Tiny Power (USA)

Reliable Steam Engine Co (USA)

Stanley Steamers - Steamboats (USA)


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