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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain


This calendar shows all events known to the SBA
- however the SBA accepts no responsibility for the veracity of information about events organised by other organisations.

Future events

    • 12 Mar 2022
    • 09:00 - 17:00
    • Maidenhill School, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 2HA

    51th Steamboat Association of Great Britain AGM

    Maidenhill School, Stonehouse, GL10 2HA

    Doors open 09:00, AGM starts at 11:30 Saturday 12th March 2022
    and accessible through Zoom

    Once again it is time for us to have our Annual General Meeting and we are pleased to confirm it will be a physical meet in 2022 for those that can. Whilst the ‘nuts and bolts’ stuff to satisfy our Constitution should not take too long we have added a few extras to make the day even more exciting. We will also be endeavouring to broadcast the meet through Zoom to those who cannot make the journey.

    Peter Green, skipper and MD of the company running steam launch Alaska on the Thames will be giving us a talk about the restoration of his boat together with his experiences running her in a carbon neutral manner. There will be a Q&A session afterwards when I am sure we will keep him busy!

    The ever-popular Auction and the Annual Photographic Competition will both feature again and there will probably be some ‘table sales’ for members who have ‘bits and bobs’ for sale that don’t warrant a full Auction entry.

    Mike and Liz Bell will again be running the SBA Garment Shop. Please remember to order via the website well beforehand if you want personalised items brought to the AGM.

    There are various accommodation options in the area, but we have negotiated a special rate at the Stonehouse Court Hotel. Space is limited so book early please! If you wish to stay overnight on either the Friday or Saturday (or both!): B&B £110/room double occupancy/£101 single or Dinner, B&B £160 double/£126 single. Please book directly with the hotel and mention Steamboat Association to obtain these rates. Tel: 01453 794950 or email reception@stonehousecourt.co.uk.

    I am booked in for Friday night and will be having a ‘Chairman’s Dinner’ to include all SBA folk who are staying at the Stonehouse Court Hotel (and no that does not mean I am paying for everyone!)

    See you there, 

    John Jewsbury – Chairman

    • 10 Jun 2022
    • 13 Jun 2022
    • Mylor Yacht Harbour

    Fal Steamboat Rally 2022

    This year’s SW rally has moved to Mylor Yacht Harbour

    The Rally will run from Friday 10th June to Monday 13th

    with the option to extend berthing if individuals desire.

    A wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful Fal estuary in company  

    for more information please email Alan Davis


    However,  if you still hope to come please contact Alan to discuss joining a cancellation list. See link to Alan above. 

    • 26 Jun 2022
    • 01 Jul 2022
    • Windermere

    Advance notice: The Windermere Rally will be held between Sunday 26 June 2022 and Friday 1 July 2022 when we will be returning to Broad Leys, the home of some 31 previous Windermere Rallies. For those members not familiar with Broad Leys it is a wonderful Voysey house with extended lake frontage and mooring. Accommodation at Broad Leys is available. They have a  selection of rooms available all at very competitive prices for which early booking direct with Broad Leys is essential. A very full and varied week of activities has already been confirmed with various organisations around the lake .

    Launching, mooring, car and trailer parking are all free at Broad Leys and with the extensive jetties they can easily cater for about 25 average sized boats mooring alongside.

    Please  indicate your interest by preferably registering on line, or contacting Malcolm Proud direct - malcolm_proud@btopenworld.com 
    This is only an expression of interest. You will need to REGISTER FULLY at a LATER DATE on the information which will be sent to you by Malcolm.

    The organisers are delighted to be returning to Broad Leys and we are very enthusiastic at the support being offered by the new management there. The earlier date for the rally should avoid the bulk of the tourist season making for an even better experience.

    Event type 1

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance; 

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

    • 07 Jul 2022
    • 10 Jul 2022
    • Sankey Marina

    Evesham River Festival

    Rally wrapped around the Festival on Saturday 9th July

    Still very much in the planning 

    The SBA rally hopes to run from Thursday pm until Sunday pm

    Organiser Felicity Palmer

    • 07 Jul 2022
    • 10:00 - 16:00
    • Stoke Lock, River Wey
    • 18

    Get Your Feet Wet!

    In the SBA and looking towards buying or building a steamboat?

    For a second year running, if you are currently boat-free but would like not to be, this newly launched event is in Guildford on Thursday 7th July.  It will be inexpensive, will be for a maximum of 20 people and will be highly informative and hands-on, with time on the water and the opportunity enjoy operating small marine steam plants of different kinds.


    We have been granted permission by the National Trust to mount a special day immediately before ‘Puffing a-Wey’ for people who want to explore steamboating in practical detail: called ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ There will be three or four boats with different kinds of steam plant in attendance and some informed owners.

    The day will run from basic description (‘how it works’) to ‘how to operate it’ from launch through flash-up to steaming on the river and recovery.

    Location:  The River Wey Stoke Lock in North Guildford.

    Timing:   We will gather for 10am in the lock boatyard where cars can be parked.  We will aim to finish between 4 & 5pm.

    With several boats to look at and tinker with we will go into as much (reasonable) detail as attendees wish. Things might go interestingly wrong too – in which case there will be opportunity to solve challenges that arise, as sometimes they can. The organisers will welcome young or old and all we ask is that attendees be able and happy to clamber around on small boats and close to water. They will get their hands dirty and for that reason we suggest that they don’t wear their Sunday best! We can supply coffee and tea for lubrication purposes from our Windermere kettles, but packed lunches should be brought.

    Please register – and further details will be provided when we know who is coming. Remember, this event has to be for a limited number only and is strictly ‘first come, first served’.   If you want to talk to someone about ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ give Mark Rudall or Ian Bucknall a call.

    • 08 Jul 2022
    • 10:00
    • 10 Jul 2022
    • 17:00
    • Guildford

    SBA members will be delighted that the National Trust has approved initial plans for Puffing a-Wey to be held once again at Dapdune Wharf in central Guildford on the weekend 8, 9 and 10th July.  


    The National Trust is very generously offering us the opportunity to use their facilities (they actually own this navigation!) and even to camp on site as before, if we so wish. Furthermore, this rally is effectively a free one – a rare gift these days – the only charge being for the barbecue.

    For those who don’t know it, Dapdune Wharf is a NT property, well-hidden behind the town’s cricket ground. It’s a little bit of rural riverside in the midst of busy Guildford. A lovely place, it was historically the administrative and boatbuilding centre when the Wey and Godalming Navigations were privately owned commercial waterways.


    Are you a currently boatless SBA member? If so, would this linked event also appeal to you?

    On Thursday 7th we also have permission to mount a special day at Stoke Lock  for people who want to explore steamboating: called ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ there will be three or four boats in attendance and some informed owners.
    (This event was a great success when held for the first time in 2021)

    Those who choose to come will pay a nominal sum for a hands-on day that runs from basic description (‘how it works’) to ‘how to operate it’ from launch through flash-up to steaming on the river and haul out. We will be putting the word out on the steam networks and will impose a maximum take up of, say 20. 

    Look out for the separate SBA event listing “Get Your Feet Wet” for further details and registration: first come first served!

    Outline programme for Puffing a-Wey

    Friday – is Launch Day at Dapdune – with time, if you wish, for a bit of a steam up or down the river.

    It’s important to be aware that only on Friday (8th)  can we launch at Dapdune, when we have the full run of the boatyard and slip for the day.  If you want to be at the event but can’t launch on Friday, it’s absolutely fine to arrive on Saturday but because canoes and other non-SBA people are using the Dapdune slip on that day Saturday arrivals must launch and store trailers at Stoke Lock (pictured left) in North Guildford. This is hardly a disadvantage as it’s only a short run up river to Dapdune (no locks) and the slip at Stoke also has a dead straight approach, is perfectly graded and ideal for bigger boats anyway.

    Friday evening eating: we fend for ourselves. We’re slap in the middle of Guildford which has some great eating places.

    Saturday: event day at Dapdune

    The main day: we are asked to pootle around in the Dapdune and central Guildford area so we can be seen and provide atmosphere for visitors to the centre. This is a very small price to pay for the free facilities we are enjoying care of the NT. We won’t be permitted to take random visitors aboard, so our main role is simply to be ‘around’ and be seen while enjoying ourselves and the company of each other.

    Saturday evening eating: We will have a barbecue at Dapdune 

    Sunday: go for a cruise to Godalming… if you wish!

    Sunday is a free day to enjoy the river and haul out when you wish. If you want to, you can stay over until Monday and leave then.

    Puffing a-Wey is a shared NT/SBA event so as we work up more detailed plans with our NT colleagues, we will share them with you. 

    So please register for the event so that Ian Bucknall and Mark Rudall will be able to share more details with you.

    • 15 Jul 2022
    • 18 Jul 2022
    • Fawley Meadows, Henley-On-Thames, England

    Thames Traditional Boat Festival

    A popular event well worth attending.  Many SBA boats, old and new, qualify to take part.

     Click here for the http://www.tradboatfestival.com/

    Event type 5 at this stage. 

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance.

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

    • 24 Aug 2022
    • 27 Aug 2022
    • Dartmouth UK

    SBA Members and Boats are invited to participate in the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta


    SBA coordinator is David Biss.

    Event type 2

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Insurance 

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for info only      

    Programme TBC

    • 10 Sep 2022
    • 11 Sep 2022
    • Longridge Water Activity Centre Marlow

    SBA 51st Anniversary Rally on the


    September 10th & 11th

    Enough moorings for 40 Boats

    Possible arrival on Friday afternoon and departure Monday morning 

    Two days steaming on the picturesque reaches of the Thames

    Saturday evening get together and buffet dinner

    Book your space early

    Contact email  Andrew Hopper or phone 01628 526499

    • 10 Sep 2022
    • 11 Sep 2022
    • Shardlow Marina, Derbyshire

    Shardlow inland Port Festival

    invitation to any Steamboat and Members


    If any member would like to take their Steamboat please contact


    • 07 Oct 2022
    • 09 Oct 2022
    • Royal Windermere Yacht Club

    The Lay-up Rally will follow a similar pattern to this year - Launch on Friday, North Lake and Jetty Museum on Saturday, South Lake on Sunday.

    Further details in due course. Contact Roger Calvert.

    Some suggestions for accomodation: Accomodation2021.pdf

    Event type 1

    Key to event types

    1 - SBA Organised Event (owner's declaration required)

    2 - SBA organised participation in 3rd party's event (owner's declaration required)

    In event types 1 and 2 the SBA organisers and SBA members are covered by the SBA Liability Insurance; 

    3 - private meeting of members with or without boats

    4 - private, individual participation of members in 3rd party's event

    5 - for information only

    • 13 Oct 2022
    • 16 Oct 2022
    • Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Fosse Way, Nr Leamington Spa, CV31 1XN, England

    Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition

    Warwickshire Exhibition Centre

    Leamington Spa England 

    Thursday to Sunday inclusive. 


    The SBA will be in full evidence and hopefully with a boat for the whole exhibition!

    Any members willing to do a stint on the stand please contact 

    Andrew Hopper

Past events

08 Oct 2021 Windermere Lay-up Rally and Supper
20 Sep 2021 Bewl Water 2nd Gathering
11 Sep 2021 s'TEA'm Party
27 Aug 2021 Henley Trad Boat Festival
25 Aug 2021 Dartmouth Regatta
02 Aug 2021 50th Anniversary Celebrations
17 Jul 2021 STEAM@theJETTY
13 Jul 2021 Bewl Water Gathering
09 Jul 2021 CANCELLED Puffing a-Wey
02 Jul 2021 Calstock Steamboat Rally - River Tamar
26 Jun 2021 Roger Mallinson's Windermere Rally
29 May 2021 STEAM@theJETTY
27 Mar 2021 SBA 50th AGM - ONLY via Zoom Online
09 Oct 2020 RE-CANCELLED Windermere Lay-up Rally 2020
12 Sep 2020 RE-INSTATED: STEAM @theJETTY - s'TEA'm Party
07 Aug 2020 CANCELLED Windermere 2020
17 Jul 2020 BRISTOL HARBOUR FESTIVAL - going ahead in altered form
09 Jul 2020 CANCELLED SBA RALLY & Evesham River Festival
04 Jul 2020 CANCELLED STEAM@theJETTY - American Independence Day Parade
26 Jun 2020 CANCELLED Puffing-a-Wey
21 Jun 2020 CANCELLED Steam Day at Stalham
12 Jun 2020 CANCELLED Calstock Steamboat Rally - River Tamar
07 Jun 2020 CANCELLED Roger Mallinson's Windermere Invitational
16 May 2020 CANCELLED SBA PARTICIPATION at Moira Canal Festival
16 May 2020 SBA PARTICIPATION CANCELLED for the Scottish Rally
23 Apr 2020 CANCELLED STEAM @theJETTY - St. George's Day Parade
21 Mar 2020 CANCELLED Windermere Jetty, Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories, 1st Anniversary
07 Mar 2020 Annual General Meeting 2020
13 Nov 2019 Talk
24 Oct 2019 Talk
17 Oct 2019 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition
11 Oct 2019 Windermere Lay-up Rally
25 Sep 2019 CANCELLED Talk
21 Sep 2019 Autumn Social with Steam
18 Sep 2019 s’TEA’m Party
31 Aug 2019 Melksham Food & River Festival
28 Aug 2019 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
04 Aug 2019 Windermere Week 2019
26 Jul 2019 Calstock Steamboat Rally - River Tamar
19 Jul 2019 Steamboats@Bristol Harbour Festival 2019
19 Jul 2019 Thames Traditional Boat Festival
12 Jul 2019 Evesham River Festival
07 Jul 2019 River Tees - Stockton to Yarm 10th Anniversary Cruise
05 Jul 2019 Trent Private Meeting
29 Jun 2019 Steam on Rutland Water
28 Jun 2019 Puffing-a-Wey
16 Jun 2019 Roger Mallinson's Windermere Invitational
02 Jun 2019 Thames Steamboat Sunday
31 May 2019 Thames Rally LECHLADE
24 May 2019 Forth and Clyde Canal Carnival
22 May 2019 Illustrated Talk
18 May 2019 Moira Canal Festival
11 May 2019 Trevithicks Industrial Dartford Celebration
25 Apr 2019 Talk
21 Apr 2019 Chatham Docks Festival of Steam and Transport
18 Apr 2019 Greenwich Maritime Museum
13 Apr 2019 Spring Social - West London Lunch
07 Apr 2019 Start-of-Season Windermere Lunch
28 Mar 2019 Talk
23 Mar 2019 Windermere Jetty Opening
14 Mar 2019 Lunchtime Social
02 Mar 2019 Annual General Meeting 2019
10 Nov 2018 Bolton Steam Museum
09 Nov 2018 Winter Social Weekend and Seminar
13 Oct 2018 Paddle Steamer Preservation Society, Wessex and Dart Branch
06 Oct 2018 Visit to Trinity Buoy Wharf
23 Sep 2018 Guided Visit Maritime Hartlepool
21 Sep 2018 Lay-up Rally and Supper
01 Sep 2018 Melksham Food & River Festival
29 Aug 2018 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
11 Aug 2018 Goytre Wharf Steam Weekend
08 Aug 2018 Daniel Adamson Boat trip - sadly cancelled
04 Aug 2018 Thames Abingdon Rally
04 Aug 2018 Lake District Boat Club Parade
20 Jul 2018 Thames Traditional Boat Festival
20 Jul 2018 Steamboats@Bristol Harbour Festival 2018
13 Jul 2018 Puffing a'Wey
12 Jul 2018 Evesham River Festival
29 Jun 2018 Trent Private Meeting
23 Jun 2018 Steam on Rutland Water
22 Jun 2018 Calstock Steamboat Rally - River Tamar
01 Jun 2018 Beale Park Boat Show
16 May 2018 Bewl Water Rally
12 May 2018 Steam on the Dock
04 May 2018 President's Rally
24 Mar 2018 Annual General Meeting with Social Event 2018
15 Nov 2017 Filching Manor Motor Museum
03 Nov 2017 Winter Social Weekend and Seminar
21 Oct 2017 VIC56 Tour - Chatham Dockyard
21 Oct 2017 End-of-season cruise on Loch Kathrine
19 Oct 2017 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition
22 Sep 2017 Windermere Lay-Up Rally and Supper
16 Sep 2017 A gathering of the (steamboat) clans - Loch Katrine
23 Aug 2017 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
06 Aug 2017 Windermere Week 2017
05 Aug 2017 Lake District Boat Club Parade
05 Aug 2017 The Lees, Abingdon
21 Jul 2017 Steamboats@Bristol Harbour Festival 2017
14 Jul 2017 Thames Traditional Boat Festival
07 Jul 2017 Evesham River Festival & Avon cruising
30 Jun 2017 Trent Private Meeting
24 Jun 2017 Rutland Water Rally
23 Jun 2017 Puffing a'Wey
11 Jun 2017 Stalham Steam Day
02 Jun 2017 Beale Park Boat Show
25 May 2017 Katrina Steam Festival Weekend
25 May 2017 Upper Thames Rally
12 May 2017 CANCELLED Fawley Hill Vintage Extravaganza
06 May 2017 Bewl Water Rally
06 May 2017 Steam on the Dock
16 Apr 2017 Opening Season Canal Cruise (Bluenose Rally)
18 Nov 2016 Autumn / Winter Social Weekend and Seminar
29 Oct 2016 End-of-season cruise on Loch Kathrine
13 Oct 2016 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition
07 Oct 2016 Windermere Lay-Up Rally and Supper
01 Oct 2016 Mid Thames Illuminated Rally
16 Sep 2016 Model Engineer Exhibition
10 Sep 2016 Medway Queen Heritage Open Days Weekend
03 Sep 2016 Melksham Food & River Festival
25 Aug 2016 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
14 Aug 2016 CANCELLED. Scotland follow-on to Windermere Week Rally.
07 Aug 2016 Windermere Week 2016
30 Jul 2016 Loch Lomond Rally
22 Jul 2016 Puffing a'Wey
16 Jul 2016 Thames Traditional Boat Festival
15 Jul 2016 Steamboats@Bristol Harbour Festival 2016
02 Jul 2016 Beccles Charter Weekend
01 Jul 2016 Trent Private Meeting
25 Jun 2016 Loch Lomond Sailing Club
25 Jun 2016 Joint Steam Days with Loch Ard Sailing Club
25 Jun 2016 Rutland Water Rally
17 Jun 2016 Coventry Canal
12 Jun 2016 Steam Day
11 Jun 2016 Milford Haven Seafair Festival
10 Jun 2016 Steam passage to Broads Museum
04 Jun 2016 A steamy weekend with Captain Banjo
03 Jun 2016 Beale Park Boat Show
28 May 2016 Steam Festival
20 May 2016 Fawley Hill Vintage Extravaganza
12 May 2016 Waterbird Flight on Windermere
09 May 2016 Bewl Water Rally
25 Apr 2016 Mass Boiler Test
23 Apr 2016 Opening Season Canal Cruise
10 Apr 2016 Windermere pre-Season Lunch
02 Apr 2016 Scottish SBA Open Lunch Meeting
25 Mar 2016 Easter at Ellesmere Port
19 Mar 2016 Annual General Meeting with Social Event 2016
27 Feb 2016 Scottish SBA Open Lunch Meeting
30 Jan 2016 Scottish SBA Open Lunch Meeting
06 Nov 2015 Winter Weekend at Malvern
15 Oct 2015 Midland Model Engineering Exhibition
09 Oct 2015 Lay-Up Rally and Supper
17 Sep 2015 Hydro-Aeroplane on Windermere
28 Aug 2015 Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering
28 Aug 2015 Lower Thames Rally
26 Aug 2015 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
09 Aug 2015 Windermere Week 2015
29 Jul 2015 Coniston Regatta
18 Jul 2015 Thames Traditional Boat Rally
17 Jul 2015 Bristol Harbour Festival
17 Jul 2015 Puffing A-Wey
03 Jul 2015 Trent Rally
27 Jun 2015 Rutland Water Steam Event
27 Jun 2015 PS Kingswear Castle – Evening Picnic Cruise
27 Jun 2015 Stroudwater Canal Rally
26 Jun 2015 Cancelled River Dart Rally
19 Jun 2015 Coventry Canal Rally- CANCELLED
13 Jun 2015 Magna Carta Thames Pageant
12 Jun 2015 Upper Thames Rally
06 Jun 2015 Milford Haven Seafair - invitation to SBA members
05 Jun 2015 Beale Park Boat Show
05 Jun 2015 SBA Outboard Engine Competition - CANCELLED
24 May 2015 800 Years of Magna Carta
11 May 2015 Bewl Water Rally
21 Mar 2015 Annual General Meeting with Social Event 2015
01 Jan 2015 Membership Renewal
12 Dec 2014 Sandown Model Engineering Exhibition
29 Nov 2014 Winter Week End in Gt. Malvern
16 Oct 2014 Midland Model Engineering Exhibition
10 Oct 2014 Lay-Up Rally and Supper
21 Sep 2014 Thames Historic Steamboat Cruise
06 Sep 2014 Melksham River Festival
27 Aug 2014 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
22 Aug 2014 Newcastle Old Boat Gathering
10 Aug 2014 Windermere Week 2014
09 Aug 2014 Pembroke Dock
02 Aug 2014 River Avon
18 Jul 2014 Bristol Harbour Festival 2014
11 Jul 2014 Puffing a'Wey
05 Jul 2014 Trent Event
04 Jul 2014 Poole Harbour
21 Jun 2014 Coventry Rally
07 Jun 2014 Seafair Haven
06 Jun 2014 Beale Park Boat Show
27 May 2014 Coniston regatta
12 May 2014 Bewl Water
10 May 2014 Fox & Hounds - Basingstoke Canal
09 May 2014 Manchester Rally 2014
01 May 2014 Mass Boiler Testing in Scotland
15 Mar 2014 Annual General Meeting with Social Event
29 Nov 2013 Winter Week End in Gt. Malvern
11 Oct 2013 Lay up Supper Week end 2013
01 Oct 2013 Membership Renewal
21 Sep 2013 Fox & Hounds - Basingstoke Canal
13 Sep 2013 Thames Rally 2013
06 Sep 2013 30th Jubilee Rally of the Swiss Steamboat Association
29 Aug 2013 Dartmouth Royal Regatta
22 Aug 2013 Scottish Lowland Canal Festival
17 Aug 2013 Pembroke River Rally
11 Aug 2013 Windermere Week 2013
26 Jul 2013 Bristol Harbour Festival 2013
12 Jul 2013 Puffing A-Wey
06 Jul 2013 Trent Event
30 Jun 2013 Steam Day
29 Jun 2013 Chesterfield Canal Festival
27 Jun 2013 Loch Lomond 2013 - CANCELLED
22 Jun 2013 Coventry Rally
21 Jun 2013 East of England Broads Rally
07 Jun 2013 Beale Park Boat Show
29 May 2013 Coniston regatta