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Boiler Testing Service

All boats attending SBA Events must have a valid Boiler Certificate

1. When the boiler has previously been inspected through SBA Services AND when the customer agrees to the Terms & Conditions detailed in The SBA Boiler Inspection Scheme Booklet (available here or from the Administrator). Telephone or email the Administrator to book your inspection.
2. When the boiler has not previously been inspected through SBA Services it is necessary to complete the Booking Form (available here or from the Administrator).
The charge to the customer will consist of the expenses claimed by the inspector for hours on site, and mileage to and from the site of the inspection. A fixed charge for insurance and administration will be added for each boiler inspected.

The current charges are:
Inspectors rate for time on site    £22.00 per hour
Mileage rate                                         £0.50 per mile
Administrative fixed charge          £55.00 per boiler.

A request for payment will be made when the inspection is complete. The charge will be calculated from the quantities approved by the customer on the inspectors job sheet.

If the boiler owner cancels the inspection before the inspector has incurred any costs, a charge of £10.00 to cover administrative costs will be invoiced.

The administrator of the SBAS Boiler Inspection Scheme is Chris Davies.  
Do contact him to book inspections or for any queries relating to the SBAS boiler inspection scheme.

Chris Davies,  Wold Edge,  Scragglethorpe,  Malton YO17 8DU.
Tel: 01944 759 080, Mobile: 07785 778533 or send an email.

SBA Services July 2017

Other Boiler Inspection Services exist and are acceptable to the SBA

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