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Lark Rise
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Owner: P Self. (SBA member)
Area: R.Tees, trailerable (UK).
HULLOpen launch
Built 1983 by Steam & Electric Launch Co. at Wroxham.
Model: Frolic 18
Fit-out by Chris Trueman.
LOA: 18', LWL: 16' 6", Beam: 4' 9", Draft: 1' 6".
White, varnished deck and interior, wheel steering.
ENGINESingle, 2�" x 2�".
Built 1986 by Chris Trueman and Roger Mallinson.
Design: Cyril Taylor.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG, Pumps: Hand fp, injector, fwh..
No.9. On 4 turned columns, 3:1 reduction gear driven fp, 350 rpm, 1� IHP.
BOILERBlackstaff type 3-drum WT.
Built 1985 by Roger Mallinson at Ambleside.
Fuel: coal, Pressure: 120 psi, Grate: � sqft, Heating Area: 20 sqft.
No.9, casing 21" dia x 18�" long, steam drum 6" dia, mud drums 2�" dia, 10 x .5/8" od tubes.
New pressure vessel 2004.
PROP3 blades, 14" x 24".
Shaft: �" SS.
HISTORYNew boat, steam plant installed by first owner Chris Trueman, first steamed July 1986. Used on River Dee & Shopshire Union Canal.
Then owned by R & J Arrowsmith , Sussex.
Purchased Dec 2005 by Paul Self based on R.Tees.
Data: Dec 06.
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(John Hodgkinson)

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