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Owner: G.M. Patten. (SBA member)
Area: River Thames (UK).
Built 1982 by R.G. White at Crawley.
LOA: 16', LWL: 15', Beam: 3' 3", Draft: 8".
Hard chine, tunnel stern, raked stem, transom stern, fore and aft decks, buoyancy tanks, cream, dark brown line, 2 seats, Kitchen rudder, yoke and line steering, 4 knots.
ENGINEHorizontal Single, 2" x 2".
Built 1982 by R.G. White.
Valve(s): sv, Gear: Non-reversing.
Crankshaft driven fp, 500 rpm, 1 IHP, Kcond.
Built 1982 by R.G. White.
Fuel: paraffin, Pressure: 125 psi.
Steel coil with separator/scale trap, shell 12" dia x 12" high, coil 75' long x .3/8"od steel 16 SWG, hand fp, exhaust feed heater, superheater and economiser included in coil, modified Lune Valley burner, 3 gall fuel tank, 3 pint hotwell.
PROP3 blades, 7" dia..
Shaft: �" SS, belt and bevel gear drive, 2:1 step up ratio.
HISTORYDesigned, built and fitted out by first owner, R. G. White, can be carried on car roof rack, with plant in the boot. First steamed 1982. Acquired 1987.
Data: Reg7.
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(Brian Hillsdon) Wey Cruise, 1985
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